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Laboratory equipment:

9 HPLC units, including 2 Agilent 1260 units / 1 Agilent 1100 units, 6 Shimadzu units

3 GCs, including 1 Agilent 8800

UV detector 2


Production base

FDA audited cGMP factory
1. More than 100 glasslined and stainless steel reactors with a capacity of 100-3000L
2. Pilot workshopt: more than 20 reactors with a capacity of 100-1000L.
3. cGMP standard workshop: Class 100,000, with a total area of 400 m2.
4. Operating condition:
Response pressure: up to 5.0Mpa
Reaction temperature: -70 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃
Maximum vacuum degree of reaction: ≤1mmHg
5. The main reaction types are: Grignard reaction, halogenation reaction, Rafelmatsky reaction, diazotization reaction, hydrogenation reduction reaction, hydroxylation reaction, glycosylation reaction, chiral induction reaction

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