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Hangzhou Loop Biotech Co.,Ltd. was established in March 2015 in the National High-tech Enterprise Incubation Park of Hangzhou Economic Development Zone(HEDZ). It is mainly engaged in technical development and process optimization of pharmaceutical raw materials and their key intermediates. From small begin, Loop is active in brain gain,based on requirement of customer and qulity regulation,contributing to technological development and utilization,gradually expanding area of ​​R & D and analysis laboratories, establishing reliable pilot workshop and contract manufacturing plants.
Quality system
Based on ISO9001 system, following ICHQ7 guideline,continuously improving enterprise quality system in accordance with GMP requirements.
R & D
Loop has 20 employees in end of 2019, consisting of R & D team, quality team and production team. It is expected to be to be reliable CDMO in the field of pharmaceutical and electronic chemicals in near future.
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